Latest news surrounding runway incursions and updates from AIM

Exeter Airport chooses AIM system to reduce the risk of runway incursion

Exeter Airport is the latest UK airport to equip its vehicles with our Airside Incursion Mitigation (AIM) system.

Following a successful trial, the AIM system is being installed in all airside vehicles. It will give airport management the ability to view all airfield vehicle activity on screen in real time. The vehicles are also fitted with visible and audible in-cab warnings, triggering when the vehicles approach incursion boundaries.

Using custom maps and high accuracy zoning created specifically for Exeter Airport,

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Terrifying moment as plane almost collides with vehicle in runway incursion

A plane almost hit a van crossing the runway on 27th June at Springfield-Branson National Airport, earlier this year, as it left for Chicago with 53 people onboard. The incident was all caught on the video below which shows the airports operations vehicle crossing runway 14 at high speed.

There was an employee barbecue at the firehouse that the airport employees were in a race to get to. They settled on taking the route across two runways in order to get there quicker.

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Latest UK Runway Incursion occurs at Gatwick Airport

This week it has been reported that a runway incursion took place at Gatwick Airport at the beginning of this month. Incidents like this continue to be a significant and growing risk and the European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions (EAPPRI) identify that there is a minimum of two runway incursions occurring each day across Europe.

The incident at Gatwick airport occurred on 3rd February when the Aer Lingus flight arrived from Lyon with 164 passengers on board.

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European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions recommends the tracking of vehicle movements


Last month saw EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager issue it’s third version of the European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions (EAPPRI V3.0). The report identifies that runway incursions remain a significant risk with a minimum of two runway incursions occurring each day across Europe. The latest version of the EAPPRI takes findings from these incidents to make new recommendations and creates further guidance for the improvement of runway safety.

Contributions to the plan were made by operational staff that had experienced a runway incursion through their incident reports.

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Advancements in AIM’s compliance and safety features

It has been an exciting journey and year for us here at AIM. Our unique incursion protection and CAA compliance evidencing system is being used extensively by UK airports, we exhibited with great success at the British Airports EXPO, and have received an award for innovation.

Now, not content with standing still, we are pleased to announce that we have advanced the capabilities of the compliance and safety features of our system.

Andrew Johnson Director at AIM commented,

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Our time at the 2nd British-Irish Airports EXPO

It was an exciting few days exhibiting at the 2nd British-Irish Airports EXPO at the start of June and we really enjoyed meeting with industry specialists throughout the exhibition. Due to the EXPO’s popularity, this year’s show expanded in size to accommodate many more attendees. There were over 2,000 visitors through the doors to see the exhibitors and attend the EXPO conferences. It was fantastic to see the show attract such a large number of people from our British and Irish airports along with suppliers to the industry.

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AIM will be exhibiting at the 2nd British-Irish Airports Expo

Airside Incursion Mitigation (AIM) is the award-winning incursion protection and CAA compliance evidence system from Simplytrak. We are excited to be exhibiting our latest solution on 7th and 8th June at the British-Irish Airports Expo at the NEC Birmingham on stand H11. The exhibition is an opportunity to demonstrate how AIM can help to prevent runway incursions and also assist with mandated compliance requirements.


When designing AIM we worked with UK airports and can offer a solution that is bespoke to each airport’s needs and requirements. 

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Runway incursions are growing annually

We work in an industry with an enviable safety record. Yet the human element of vehicle runway incursions will always be a weak point which necessitates systems and technology to be in place to help overcome it. Simplytrak created the AIM system for this very reason. Runway incursion numbers are rising and Simplytrak have prioritised reversing this trend.

Below is an example of just how close serious accidents can come to ruining the hard won safety record at airports worldwide.

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Runway Incursion Hotspots – more risk mitigation zones added.

Many airports and airfields feature high risk locations in the vicinity of the runways where the likelihood of airside vehicle incursions is higher. These areas are known as runway hotspots and require all flight crews and airside vehicle drivers to be particularly vigilant in and around these areas. The safety risks in these areas is increased further during low visibility when LVP procedures may be in place.

The AIM system now allows up to 40 distinct,

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Our Airside Incursion Mitigation Video

The video that explains it all. It was filmed at Doncaster Sheffield International Airport in association with Peel Airport Group and explains how they have adopted the award winning AIM system to add a strong layer of defense against the human element of runway incursions. It also provides previously unavailable verification of the CAA compliance activity at the groups international airports.

See the video below.

Should it raise any questions or if you would like a demonstration of the system for your airport/airfield then simply get in touch.

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