Latest UK Runway Incursion occurs at Gatwick Airport

This week it has been reported that a runway incursion took place at Gatwick Airport at the beginning of this month. Incidents like this continue to be a significant and growing risk and the European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions (EAPPRI) identify that there is a minimum of two runway incursions occurring each day across Europe.

The incident at Gatwick airport occurred on 3rd February when the Aer Lingus flight arrived from Lyon with 164 passengers on board. There has yet to be a full release of the details from the incursion but it is reported that the Aer Lingus flight had been cleared to land when a vehicle entered the active runway. Gatwick Airport cannot make a statement until after the investigation has been completed so it has not been stated as to whether the vehicle entering the runway had clearance from Air Traffic Control (ATC) at the time.

Unfortunately this event highlights how easy it is for incidents like this to occur. They are always investigated and often found to be down to human error. Simplytrak created the AIM system for this very reason. It is a very affordable solution that helps to eliminate the instances of human error in Runway Incursion events.

The AIM solution is installed in all airside vehicles and requires no external communication to alert drivers to the potential incursion risks. Alerts can be sent to ATC if an airside vehicle is in or near a sensitive or restricted area. ATC and duty managers can view the locations of all airside vehicles at any given time, on-screen, regardless of the visibility on the ground.

We are proud that AIM can assist with the prevention of runway incursions. Our system was designed with UK airport operators and is award-winning. Many of AIM’s capabilities are listed in the recommendations of the EAPPRI relating to vehicles and enhanced GPS tracking.

If you would like to learn more about how AIM can assist in the prevention of runway incursions in your airport then contact your Business Development Manager Ian Wood at to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and for a full demonstration.