What our hardware system does to help prevent runway incursions

AIM requires a straightforward hard-wire installation into your airside vehicle fleet and can be discretely hidden to suit your needs with only the ‘cancel alert’ button visible. It can be configured to match your particular requirements and complex airport zone maps before installation or remotely afterwards giving the airport options and control of its use.


The device immediately alerts the driver if the vehicle is within 75 meters of the centre of the runway (configurable) Cat I holding point  it then transmits the data to AIM’s servers, it also transmits data at regular configurable intervals. This is translated by our software into usable information, on-hand in user-friendly reports in HTML, PDF, XML or Excel format.


Hard wired installation with off button, AIM sends a visible and audible alert to a device in the ground vehicle when it approaches a sensitive or restricted area.

The driver of the vehicle can cancel the alarm and this is automatically recorded. When the driver of the ground vehicle cancels the alarm they must stop immediately then contact ATC for permission to proceed.

Low Visibility Procedures (LVP)

Low visibility procedures (LVP) means procedures applied at an aerodrome for the purpose of ensuring safe operations during lower than standard category I, other than standard category II, category II and III approaches and low visibility take-offs.

When meteorological conditions deteriorate to such an extent that the cloud base drops to a certain level, or the horizontal visibility decreases below a certain value, then it might become necessary to establish Low Visibility Procedures at an airfield.

CAT II/III holding points shall now be used, instead of the normal holding points. The ILS sensitive area must be protected and extra distance from the runway will prevent unwanted runway incursion.

If the airport exercises LVP mode then the hardware automatically switches to LVP mode. This means that the driver is alerted at Cat II/ III holding points.