Software that delivers a full suite of reports, alarms, alerts
and covers many airport compliance requirements

AIM allows airport management to view all airfield vehicle activity. This system can be viewed on any web browser, which is typically located in the airport management’s office. The encrypted system contains the logic necessary to send and receive data from a device installed in all airside ground vehicles.

Each vehicle operating on the airfield is tagged for easy identification, and the attributes of the vehicle’s operations can be collected and stored including vehicle speed (with alerts for excess speed), heading, if the vehicle is stationary, if the ignition is on, if the incursion alarms have been cancelled etc.

Using bespoke airport specific maps and zoning, airport management can monitor all AIM-equipped vehicles on screen. They can see where the vehicles are, what they are doing, where they have been and what they have done at any time. With data updating four times a second and the in-unit algorithms immediately establishing proximity to sensitive areas, the system is truly live and gives visibility of activity that could otherwise be opaque due to human factors or LVP conditions.

The system also has the ability to set up zones at any location on the airfield. By using these geo-fences, management can be warned via on-screen alerts and or email/SMS if an airside vehicle is in or near a sensitive or restricted area. The driver is also immediately warned in-cab if there is the potential for a runway incursion and must stop immediately and contact ATC.

All this data can be replayed visually on the software or downloaded with AIMs full reporting suite to verify all CAA airside vehicle compliance directives.