Latest news surrounding runway incursions and updates from AIM

What is AIM and how does it help your airport?

The AIM system is designed with airport operators for airport operators. With worldwide regulatory bodies in mind, the AIM system is available globally. Bespoke to each facility, the affordable system covers runway incursion mitigation and compliance requirements.


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AIM system launched at DSA and DTVA 2016

We are delighted to announce that following extensive development and live environment testing, the Runway Incursion Mitigation system (AIM) has been launched at Doncaster Sheffield/Robin Hood Airport (DSA) and Durham Tees Valley Airport (DTVA).

Peel Airports are leading the world in addressing the growing worldwide safety issue of runway incursions and have now fully installed the AIM system into all airport airside vehicles at their facilities. Health & Safety manager at DSA and DTVA,

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Runway incursions still increasing

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada wants airports to take action to reduce the risk of collisions on runways.

Eric Vermette, regional operations manager for central air investigations with TSB, defined an incursion as a situation where an unauthorized vehicle or aircraft is on a runway.
He added a serious incursion is when there is real potential for a collision on the tarmac, because a vehicle is on the runway that is not permitted to be there.

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