Runway incursions still increasing

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada wants airports to take action to reduce the risk of collisions on runways.

Eric Vermette, regional operations manager for central air investigations with TSB, defined an incursion as a situation where an unauthorized vehicle or aircraft is on a runway.
He added a serious incursion is when there is real potential for a collision on the tarmac, because a vehicle is on the runway that is not permitted to be there.

According to the statistics released by the TSB, there have been 2,041 incursions on Canadian runways from 2011-2015 – of that number, 27 of them were considered a serious incursion.

The numbers year on year from 2011-2015 are shown below:

Total Incursions – 386
Serious Incursions – 10

Total Incursions – 355
Serious Incursions – 3

Total Incursions – 422
Serious Incursions – 5

Total Incursions – 462
Serious Incursions – 3

Total Incursions – 416
Serious Incursions – 6

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