Runway Incursion Hotspots – more risk mitigation zones added.

Runway Hotspots

Many airports and airfields feature high risk locations in the vicinity of the runways where the likelihood of airside vehicle incursions is higher. These areas are known as runway hotspots and require all flight crews and airside vehicle drivers to be particularly vigilant in and around these areas. The safety risks in these areas is increased further during low visibility when LVP procedures may be in place.

The AIM system now allows up to 40 distinct, multi-pointed and fully customisable zones to be mapped into the memory of the in-vehicle units.  This is more than sufficient to cover all known airports in the world. Each of these zones also have ‘LVP mode’ whereby the zone size expands to allow even more time for vehicles to be alerted to stop immediately before entering any zone. When LVP is called, the unit then automatically adjusts to reflect the new circumstances and alerts in the vehicle then trigger approaches to the larger boundaries.

AIM is designed by airport operators, for airport operators. The AIM is to end runway and restricted zone incursions worldwide from a vehicle perspective.